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Q: Why does the message ”Network anomaly, server disconnected.” appear upon login?

A: A maintenance is in progress, try again when the maintenance has ended.

Q: Why can't I login in?

A: A login failure may be caused by network connection errors or network instability, please check your network connection and try again.

Q: Is there a counter system in-game?

A: Yes. There are 4 elements: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. Counter: Wind → Earth → Water → Fire → Wind. View more details on the top left of the battle interface.

Q: How to obtain in-game currency?

A: There are two types of currencies: Diamonds and Coupons. Diamonds can only be obtained via recharge. Coupons as a universal currency can be obtained via events.

Q: What to do if I lose my items?

A: Please check if the items were used by mistake, or contact customer service for more details.

Q: Why is my account banned?

A: The system will detect the use of third-party game plug-ins automatically, and once verified, the account will be banned.